Ana Karla Diaz-Rodriguez, Tesis Doctoral (10 Febrero 2021): “Disks and Jets in the Formation of Multiple Stellar Systems”. Director: Guillem Anglada

Guillermo Manjarrez Esquivel, Tesis Doctoral (11 Enero 2019): “Study of the chemical and morphological evolution of molecular clouds, using observations of high-density gas tracers”. Directores: José Francisco Gómez e Itziar de Gregorio Monsalvo

Enrique Macías Quevedo, Tesis Doctoral (28 Octubre 2016): “From circumstellar disks to planetary systems: Observations and Modelling of Protoplanetary Disks”. Directores: Guillem Anglada y Mayra Osorio

Juan Manuel Mayén Gijón, Tesis Doctoral (15 Enero 2016): “Kinematic study of the molecular environment in the early phases of massive star formation: ammonia observations and modelling”. Director: Guillem Anglada

Alba Aller Egea, Tesis Doctoral (27 Octubre 2015): “Search for planetary nebulae around hot subdwarf stars. Analysis and characterization of these peculiar systems.” Directores: Luis F. Miranda, Enrique Solano, Ana M. Ulla

Mónica W. Blanco Cárdenas, Tesis Doctoral (24 Enero 2014): “Nuevos métodos observacionales de estrellas post-AGB y nebulosas planetarias”. Directores: Martín A. Guerrero y Luis F. Miranda

Carlos Carrasco-González, Tesis Doctoral (9 Julio 2010): “High angular resolution study of the earliest stages of star formation”. Director: Guillem Anglada

Itziar de Gregorio-Monsalvo, Tesis Doctoral (25 Mayo 2006): “Radio Astronomical Study of the Physical conditions, Kinematics, and Chemistry of the environment surrounding Low-mass Young Stellar Objects”. Director: José Francisco Gómez