Conciencia: una estrella entre dos soles

Canal Sur Televisión 2022

Documentary that reviews the discovery and properties of SVS13 binary protoplanetary system.

By: Dr. Guillem Anglada.

El Colegio Nacional de México 2022

In this session, some examples of peculiar protoplanetary disks will be presented, in which it is investigated whether planet formation is possible. For example, indications of planet formation have been found in dwarf disks around very low-mass cool stars, in disks around very massive protostars, as well as in disks around double stars. Although it is not known exactly how planets form in these extreme conditions, it is believed that we are close to finding out.

By: Dr. Mayra Osorio.

The European Space Agency 2022

Planet formation under extreme conditions. Course for teachers of primary, secondary, high school and vocational training.

By: Dr. Mayra Osorio.

American Astronomical Society

By: Dr. Luis A. Zapata.